Why fundraise for your expedition?

Having helped over 30,000 students fundraise for their expeditions since 2002, we know just how transformative the journey is – even before you leave the country. Not only does fundraising give you the chance to raise money for your expedition, it also benefits you in other ways that you may not have thought about. 

Get to know your local community 

Lots of people choose to put on a fundraising event in their local community such as a quiz night or jumble sale. As well as having the potential to raise a large amount of money to put towards your trip, it also gives you the opportunity to meet new people that live in your local community. An event should be fun and interactive, giving the community an opportunity to get to know the reason you’re fundraising and get involved! 

Boost your confidence and independence 

Talking to new people and approaching businesses is a great way to increase your confidence. When you’re finally on expedition, it will give you a great sense of confidence to know that you have raised all your expedition funds yourself. Looking back on your fundraising journey, you won’t believe what you’ve managed to achieve leading up to your expedition, knowing you’ve worked hard to get there makes the whole experience even better! 

Increase your employability 

To say that you have not only volunteered abroad with a community less fortunate than yourself, but you have also fundraised the money to get there is something that employers will hold in high regard. It shows patience, determination and independence, as well as demonstrating skills such as time management, event planning and money management. 

Take part in team building 

If you’re fundraising with a group of fellow volunteers, then it provides you with an amazing opportunity to get to know your group before you leave for expedition. By planning and carrying out your fundraising events together you’ll be able to reach more people and it’s always more fun to do it together! 

Make yourself and others proud 

Finally, you’ll be able to raise awareness for the projects that you’ll be a part of. Here at Camps, we pride ourselves in knowing that we are making an impact to the people that need it most, and as a volunteer, you’ll be able to be a part of this incredible work. You should be proud of the impact you’ll be making on expedition so why not shout about it to everyone you know? 

If you’d like some fundraising advice and some inspiration about what you can do to raise money for your expedition, give us a ring on 01425 485390 or join our  fundraising Facebook group! 


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