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Toby's Fundraising Story: Putting the fun into fundraising

Summer of 2022 and Toby is off to Borneo! Focusing on his passion for swimming and baking, Toby has kept having fun while baking his way to his fundraising target.…


Explore our underwater world

Diving is absolute freedom. You are free from gravity, weightless, as if you are flying. When you dive, nothing else matters. You experience tranquillity. Where time stands still, your heart…


EU Schools - Expedition Portfolio

What do we offer? We offer a variety of expedition types, each offering a real and authentic cultural experience with a specialist focus: Service Expeditions: Immersive service-learning trips giving students the…


Christmas Around the Globe

Twinkling lights, the scent of pine from the Christmas tree and mince pies, warming drinks and the familiar melodies of our favourite carols are all associated with Christmas in the…


Jamie's Fundraising Story: mix it up with big & small events

From the onset Jamie set himself some targets that he wanted to achieve. He did this by planning every few months some large events while completing smaller fundraising activities in…


Who is trick-or-treating around the globe?

We may be off Trick-or-Treating but have you ever been curious about how Halloween is celebrated around the globe? We were! That’s why we asked our in-country team if and…


Innovation Award for Real World Studies

We have watched our Real World Studies programme blossom and be enjoyed by over 2000 enthusiastic students worldwide during this pandemic.  We have been delighted by its success and are…


All hands on deck: Keeping our projects going with no volunteers

Back at the start of July, we announced our plans to maintain our commitments to our partner communities, staff and projects, despite having no travelling volunteers these past few months. Well,…


Maintaining our commitment to our communities, volunteers and staff

2020 has not been the year (so far) anyone expected, it has been challenging for us all. But, throughout these months of struggle and hardship has come an overwhelming sense of community, pride,…


How to fundraise from home

With more people staying indoors over the coming weeks, there are lots of ways to keep up to date with your fundraising. Here are some ideas you can get stuck…