Top 12 Sustainable Fundraising Ideas

You are going to be embarking on an exciting expedition where you’ll experience real culture and make a meaningful, lasting impact in the places you visit. As you plan your fundraising, it is the perfect time to also consider your impact on the planet and ways to make your fundraising activities and events kinder to the global environment.

We have put together a list of sustainable fundraising ideas and some eco-friendly fundraisers to get you started.

1. Go Fuel Free

Why not improve your fitness and start walking or cycling wherever you go instead of taking the car. Turn it into a sponsored event, boycott the car for a couple of weeks or a whole month if you’re really brave!

2. Sponsored Litter Pick

This is a great way to support your community along with raising awareness of the issues of waste, encouraging people to think about excess packaging and inspiring people to reuse, or recycle rather than drop it on the ground.

You can also turn your litter pick into an event, by getting lots of people to join you. Host a raffle and sell refreshments after a long day of cleaning.

Get involved with the community like Daniel and Issy!

3. Reforestation and Rewilding

Sell seeds or growing kits for flowers, plants, herbs and vegetables. Not everyone has the time to cultivate their own plants from seed, so look to do the work for people and then sell the already grown plants for a profit.

Don’t  buy plastic pots but look to use old mugs, jars, tins, or even old shoes to add a creative touch to your plants. Handmade tags also add to the rustic charm.

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

• Sell old and upcycled clothes using apps such as Facebook Marketplace, Vinted and Depop.
• Upcycle furniture and sell on places like FB Marketplace, Gumtree or Etsy
• Book a spot at your local car boot sale
• Plan a second-hand book sale

Be inspired by Jody!

5. Sponsored Vegetarianism (for the hardcore meat eaters)

Challenge yourself to go vegetarian or vegan for the month and get sponsored to do so. Not only will you be raising funds for your expedition, but it is a good opportunity to add variety to your diet and reduce your carbon emissions.

6. Collect People’s Recycling

  • For areas that don’t have glass collection, advertise your services and collect neighbour’s glass bottles and jars for a fee before dropping it off at your local recycling centre.
  • Christmas Tree Collection. Make a booking form and deliver to your neighbourhood pre-Christmas, collect trees in the new year and take them to the tip on their behalf.
Go the extra mile like Joseph and Jacob and get the timing right like William!

7. Local Business Hampers

Create hampers to sell using only locally made and handcrafted products.

8. Eco-Fair

Take up a stall at a market or school fete and keep it eco by selling your homemade crafts:

  • Reusable cotton pads
  • Eco-friendly cleaning materials, soaps etc.
  • Reusable bags
  • Homegrown teas
  • Soy candles
  • Beeswax wraps
Channel your entrepreneurial spirit like Maya and Cairo!

9. Cake in a Jar

Layer non-perishable cake mix in glass milk bottles or mason jars. Pop on a ribbon and you have an eco-conscious treat to sell at fairs, in school or to family and friends. No plastic in sight!

10. Contribute to your Local Community

Get a job at your local animal shelter/ eco-café/ local park to do some good in your local area and raise the funds for your trip while you’re at it.

11. DIY Designs

Think about making and selling items that will benefit the wildlife around us.

  • Build bug houses / animal feeders – using wood and natural products.
  • Create homemade seed bombs – The Land Trust, The Wildlife Trusts and RHS all have recipes, and they can be made colourful with natural food colouring.
Share your love of nature like Owen.

12. Use the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Visit the UNSDG website to find out the SDG of the month to help you with ideas on how to fundraise sustainably. In addition, if you link it to your school expedition you can also raise awareness of the projects you will be taking part in to showcase the positive impact for the community, environment and wildlife.

Got a great sustainable fundraising story? Let us know by completing this form and emailing and you could be featured in our next blog.

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