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Millie's Fundraising Story: Consistency is Key

The Summer of 2024 brings with it an expedition to Borneo for Millie who has been inspired to embrace new cultures and work with the local communities as she contributes…


Sam's Fundraising Story : Start with a plan

Sam achieved his fundraising goal to secure funds for his entire school expedition to Kenya in just 8 months! We were so impressed we reached out to Sam to find…


Imogen's Borneo Experience

Written by Imogen Strickland. UK Travelling Student - Borneo 2022 "It's taught me how to be resilient and it’s put the world into perspective." There couldn’t have been a starker…


Explore our underwater world

Diving is absolute freedom. You are free from gravity, weightless, as if you are flying. When you dive, nothing else matters. You experience tranquillity. Where time stands still, your heart…


Tillie's fundraising story: Building a business to raise money

Sometimes fundraising for a Camps International expedition can lead to some amazing opportunities for the future. Tillie started her own business and has been so successful that she is going…


Bugs, cold showers, hammocks? Who needs “I’m a Celebrity” when you can do it Camps style!

An expedition is not only incredible for students but is also a wonderful experience for travelling teachers too. Jane is a teacher who has been on 5 different expeditions with…


Rebekah's fundraising story: Raising funds whilst helping people to stay safe

Rebekah has always wanted to volunteer abroad, so when Camps International came to her school and offered her the trip of a lifetime, she knew she had to get on…


Camps Expedition Leader

We can’t do what we do without our team of highly prized Expedition Leaders. We are always on the look out for extraordinary people to join our extended family and help young people achieve absolutely awesome things in really cool places!



Unrivalled safety procedures There is no doubt that the greatest benefits and rewards to you, will come from the most challenging tasks and adventures. Our job is to ensure that…