Tillie's fundraising story: Building a business to raise money

Sometimes fundraising for a Camps International expedition can lead to some amazing opportunities for the future. Tillie started her own business and has been so successful that she is going to continue to manage it after her expedition! Read more about the innovative ways Tillie chose to fundraise…

Why I signed up…

I was very interested to hear about Camps and really wanted to be part of it.  The opportunity to travel, help others and then experience the different culture, food and way of living is so exciting. I was worried about the fundraising as it’s a large amount of money and with the lockdown circumstances, its proven to be a little more challenging to fundraise.

car boot sales can help you fundraise

I started with car boot sales

Some of my neighbours said they had lots of stuff they wanted to get rid of and so we decided to sell some of these items at a car boot sale. It was also a good opportunity to try and declutter our own home, especially my room!

We started by collecting friends and neighbours unwanted items and had a clear out of our own home. We then organised and sold on a stall at the local car boot. It was great because I got a chance to spend time with my mum whilst doing this.

The early mornings were hard, and it takes a lot of effort taken to plan and display a good table of goods, but we did make £428 altogether.

Top Tip: For anyone wanting to do this idea, I suggest visiting the car boot sale prior to arriving as a seller. We found that the prices we were thinking of asking for was not the same as other sellers so this allowed us to easily adapt before arriving to sell.

I also would also advertise that you are doing the car boot for a Camps International expedition. You can print out a poster, place it on the stand and wear your t shirt. We had a fundraising bucket, and some kind people gave £5 donations just for the cause and did not buy anything from the stall.

Setting up my own business was a great earner

I set up my own business called Tillie’s Cage Liners, making fleece cage liners for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. I have my own Guinea Pigs and wanted to buy some absorbent fleece cage liners and when checking the price, I was surprised at how expensive they were. This led me to think that perhaps I can make my own and sell them.

A friend owns a sewing machine, so I asked her if I could borrow it. I then sourced the fabric that I would need by looking online which I had to buy in bulk to get the best price. I used YouTube for ideas on how others were making their fleece liners and then had a go at making my own. The result was great, so I decided to set up a Facebook page, advertising it. Check out my page here.

This was proving to be quite successful, and the orders started to come in so I set up an Esty Shop. I started getting some really good feedback and reviews, so I increased my product range to include, tunnels, hides, hammocks and drip pads. I was specialising in bespoke liners made to the customer’s specifications.

I have really enjoyed this business, it has helped me to improve my understanding of marketing, finance, pricing and estimating and general communication with my customers. It is proving to be a great source of income for me and will hopefully continue after my Cambodia experience is over. Overall, I have made over £1,800 from this business.


I will be continuing my business after my journey with Camps is over. Without Camps I would not have started my own business.

I’ve loved seeing my creations in customer photos

I have been amazed by how much money people spend on their animals, which has been great for me. I did not realise that I could create a way to earn a good amount of money which will not only pay for Camps but will also pay for my driving lessons and help towards future car insurance.

I’m looking forward to my Camps International expedition

I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and sharing the journey with them. I’m also excited about the flights, but slightly nervous too. I’d like to experience how other communities live and I’m excited to contribute to making a positive impact.

Our final week of scuba diving training means I get to explore the wildlife whilst learning a new skill which I can continue in the future.


If you have a great idea or inspiring fundraising story, let us know by emailing submissions@campsinternational.co.uk and you could be featured in our next blog.

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